Fran (almabrilho) wrote in eyeappeal,

Let me introduce myself...

Hello and welcome to whoever may be coming around to see this. My name is fran and I'm a makeup-aholic! *wink* More like, MAC-aholic. I just splurged the other day on a couple more items from MAC and boy am I in the glory.

I've been wanting to do one of these for SO long, so I am super super excited that mindie and I finally got a place started up. I'm glad I GOT her into makeup!! hehe :) Hopefully we can all help eachother out in a "nice" manner, in different ways to apply our makeup. Everyone has their own different quirks and techniques, and I'm anxious to see what you all have to give. I personally do not have a digital camera (only a webcam that is worth CRAP), but I will be trying to get my hands on mindies cam more often. I usually like to apply makeup on OTHER people (obviously cause I want to become a makeup artist), so you may be seeing other peoples faces on my posts as well. :)

So, have fun ladies & gents...*wink* Let looooooooose!
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