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Beauty is not only Skin Deep

We are Women of True Beauty!
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There are two women who run this community; Mindie and Fran.

You can contact Mindie through her Live Journal, website, and E-mail.

You can contact Fran through her Live Journal, website, and E-mail.

They both also run a makeup journal together called, Miss Makeup, plus a Christian community called, Our Walk.


Before you join, please read the following...
1. We expect you to post often. Don't just sign up and never post. We will remove you.
2. You don't have to be a beginner but you need to know how to accept constructive criticism (AND I MEAN EVERYONE).
3. Which brings me to the next rule, we WILL NOT accept any type of rudeness or fighting. If you have a problem with a member, please contact either one of us and we will solve it. Please be mature. Also, remember, this is not a fighting or competition community. This is a place where we can share our ideas and help others out.
4. Also, please keep it clean. We will delete any post that contains cussing or any obscene pictures (nude or rude). No racial remarks. Again, this leads back to rule #3. NO MEANNESS!
5. Last but not least, when you are posting pictures of your makeup and you have more than two photos, please put the rest under a Live Journal cut. That would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Oh and please make sure that each image is no larger than 350 pixels in width.